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Professional roller
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Industrial Application

Tachou Technology (Thailand) Co., LTD is widespread to respond the global manufacture industry application.


Special roller for printed circuit board

Material: Viton/ Silicone

Suitable for pressing, hot pressing film, special rollers for heating rods, 
special rollers for hot lamination


Optoelectronic panel cleaning roller

Suitable for TFT-LCD, STN, TN, light guide plate, polarizer, optical glass, 
optical acrylic and other panel cleaning


Tachou Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, specializing in the development and manufacturing of various rubber rollers, silicone rollers, and polyurethane rollers, as well as the processing of related components. We provide the highest quality products to domestic and international printing, textile, papermaking, plastic, and transportation machinery manufacturers. Depending on customer application requirements, we offer a range of materials including NR, SBR, NBR, CR, FKM, CSM, SILICONE, EPDM, and VITON. With our extensive development experience, we can provide customized production for our clients.

To accompany flourishing domestic photoelectric industry development, this recently past ten years, Tachou Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.was focused on reseach about manually hand-operated-and-superior-quality sticky-dust roller for eliminating dust, conducting electricity, resisting static electricity to develop the manufacture part. To adequately provide internal, PCB and LCD semiconductors, liquid crystal sheet, polarizer, poor light board in electronic industry demands according to using superior-quality-and-well-developed affairs, winning the affirmation, establishing and leading Tachou Rubber Industry CO., Ltd. to be the top place in marketplace.



Refeered to Experience in next 30 years Specialized making and manufacturing
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Professional quality inspection team control
All products classify for customers to manufacture and make into standard.
Technique of making iron in the rush plant Integrated one-stop production
100% independent research and development technology ​Apply for a patent
Optics ability to determine equipment. Accurate ability to examine data.




NR is one kind of high-fliexible rubber which can be fast- restored after recieving the power, better-resist to rip apart, and rather contrastly poor heat resistant.
IIR rubber has very good air tightness. The rubber has good elasticity and resilience. It is especially suitable for some fields that require high air tightness, heat resistance and low temperature performance. It has the disadvantage of poor processability.
It has excellent resistance to polar solvents and has good heat resistance and ink resistance. Therefore, it is widely used as rollers for cloth surface treatment and printing, or industrial rollers with general heat resistance and chemical resistance. Disadvantages: The taste is poor.
Synthetic rubber with high wear resistance, cold resistance, tensile strength and durability, good processability and low price. It is usually used for rollers that do not require heat resistance and oil resistance but want low price.
Rubber NBR is a synthetic rubber with relatively comprehensive properties. It is mainly oil-resistant, wear-resistant and aging-resistant, and has a wide range of applications. It is especially suitable for some fields that require high oil resistance and sealing properties.
VITON has excellent high temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance. It can resist the erosion of various acids, alkalis, solvents and other corrosive media. It can maintain stable performance under high-speed friction and heavy load conditions. The disadvantage is that it is relatively expensive.
It is a synthetic rubber with excellent properties such as oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance and UV resistance.


Silicone has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, etc., so it is widely used in various high-demand rollers. Due to its adhesive properties, PE extrusion laminating rollers, PVC tape embossing wheels and tape guides Rollers are widely used.

Other material

It is the abbreviation of polyurethane material. It has excellent wear resistance, can be used for a long time under high-speed movement and heavy load conditions, has excellent elasticity and tear resistance, and has the disadvantage of poor weather resistance and easy hydrolysis.
Foam materials generally have certain water resistance and corrosion resistance, and can be used in humid and corrosive environments for a long time. Foam can effectively absorb and disperse the energy of impact and vibration.

Surface with special groove pattern

Carved groove

Dextral groove
Square groove
Herringbone groove
Vertical groove
Rhombus groove
Horizontal groove

Surface polished

Big and small head
Grinding the concave
Grinding the convex
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